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Just something that popped into my head at a meeting last night. Are we we entering an era in which Instagram and Pinterest are becoming wildly popular for the simple fact that they lack words and the effort that it takes to read those words?

Yes, visuals have always been vital in modern-day advertising and marketing. If I’ve learned anything fromMad Men, it’s that creating a beautiful illusion and pairing it with a stellar tagline was the key to massive success back in the day. Now, we don’t even need the tagline.

Do I think that words are going away and people will stop reading? No. I still think businesses are publishers, whether they like it or not. But are businesses now both publishers andart curators?

Journalists, I find, tend to come quite late to sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. For one thing, those sites are overwhelmingly visual: images nearly always do much better than words. And more generally, journalists are much better at writing than they are at reading — which means that they’re really bad at seeing the value added by curating and reblogging.

How sharing disrupts media | Felix Salmon (via markcoatney)

Relevant for my meeting on Thursday, showing 35+ digital magazine editors the power of Pinterest and why they should care.

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(via rachelinbrooklyn)